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The rPref Package

Database Preferences and Skyline Computation in R

Download manual and vignettes

The manual of rPref is available as a PDF documentation.

There are two vignettes explaining the basic functionality of rPref:

  • An introduction vignette explaining how preference objects are created and preference selections are processed.
  • A visualization vignette giving some examples about Pareto front line diagrams and Better-Than-Graphs.

Download the rPref package

As rPref is available on CRAN, the latest release can be installed directly from the server:
# Download and install the package
install.packages("rPref", type = "both")

# Load package
On systems for which no rPref binaries are available (Linux and some other Unix-like systems), a C++ compiler is required.

Download latest dev-version on GitHub

The current development version is available on GitHub. With the devtools-package and an installed C++ compiler you can directly install the latest version of rPref: